La Sinfonia - El Dolor, La Lucha y El Triunfo

After a decade of paying dues in the underground hip-hop circuit of Los Angeles, rappers Seis and Arsenal were rocking shows performing as ILL-FAME aka Mala-Fama. About two years ago they integrated singer Vanessa “Vane” Banuelos into the group to bring about a new way of singing “Corridos” (story tales) with hip hop beats as the foundation.

The melodious voice of Vane makes for a perfect balance with Seis’ rough-style delivery and Arsenal’s battle-style flow. Besides being the emcees they are also the producers and creators of the fifteen explosive tracks on their Sony Discos debut album “El Dolor, La Lucha, El Triunfo” (The Pain, The Struggle, The Victory).

La Sinfonia, as the name describes, are a fusion of Latin rhythms, hip-hop beats, and vocals that voice the lifestyle of bilingual Latinos. They speak and understand the street slang of urban Latinos, with a hybrid of Spanish and English that is common among second and third generations of Latinos that were born and raised in America, but parents influenced them musically. “La Sinfonia did not limit their music influences to one genre,” warns Seis. “We have integrated the music of our parents, the Regional Mexican music, with our music and today’s rhythm.” This blending of styles is evident in tracks such as “Infiel” (Unfaithful) in which they have the participation of Mexican super star Alejandro Fernandez.

They also recorded songs that in the past, made singers famous, singers that they have great respect and admiration for, such as Leo Dan, remaking his song “Nadie Se Compara a Ti” with the La Sinfonia personal style.

On their first single release “Inseparables”, La Sinfonia has been getting massive air play on Super Estrella (Super Star) radio one the largest radio stations in Los Angeles playing Spanish language contemporary hits. “Inseparables” expresses the bitter feelings of the separation with a partner; “Dolor, Lucha y Triunfo” album expresses the pain, the struggle and the victory, with a catchy and unmistakable background of Mexican music; Or as in “Doble Filo” (double standard) where the culture and the language are the principal themes; and what can be said about “Respira” (Breathe) where the life, the memory and the feelings are the essential part of the song.

“We want to take the rap in Spanish to another level,” Arsenal emphasizes they want to take Spanish hip-hop to another level of popularity, where their music is not limited to a group of people of something that is restricted to certain radio stations.

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