Quinto Sol - Barrio Roots

The most inspirational and BrownPride.com's "album of the year" award goes to Los Angeles' own Quinto Sol for their c.d. entitled Barrio Roots. Since its release (last summer) it has stayed in constant rotation and has been the favorite of the homeboys, by far.

When El Mystro picks me up in the morning to go to work, he plays Mexica Tiahui (Brown Men Moving Forward). It's one of them songs that gives us that extra push (para segir adelante, pues). Especially when life's tempo gets hectic, the way the brothers switch the beat up- they can take a hyper atmosphere and make it a relaxed ambient in the space of two heartbeats. It's a spiritual-picker-upper, no doubt.

The guys in the recon. crew pick "Hombre Blanco" to play while we're on the frontlines rebuilding the neighborhood. The nine-member band from East L.A. expose a system of lies with one love, and a respect for the ancestors. It pumps us up, fo'rills. But there is a tropical-flavored instrumentation to the music that makes me think of "paradise".

The way Quinto Sol shows props to Bob Marley with a Spanish rendition of Crazy Baldheads is ingenious... and moving. During our smoke breaks this song sparks the fire. You know what I'm talking about (this is Aztlan, baby, keep it real)!

Equally inspiring, and just as beautiful a sight to behold, is the way the ladies move to "Vida" (que raza tan linda). If you ever get a chance to see Quinto Sol perform live, go check out the salsa dance styles. Believe me, you won't regret it.

At the end of the day, we clean up the site, lock up the tools and roll up the wires. But before everyone departs to their own home, we have a brief meeting at our office (in the alley). Usually, Chief White Feather will bang "Sangre" (Dime La Verdad). Truth is, it's a bomb joint, the best in thESe parts. So, it's for their wonderful achievement in manifesting a blessed musical masterpiece and in recognition of their continuous contributions to the community, that we recommend Quinto Sol's BARRIO ROOTS. As always, we give thanks and praise to Jah God for all good things. Rastafari.

"Mexica Tiahui"

  • Mexica (4:39)
  • Hombre Blanco (3:20)
  • Tocani (4:18)
  • Huehuecoyotl (6:28).
  • Crazy Bald Heads (3:41)
  • Vida (8:43)
  • Sangre (11:12)
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