Delinquent Habits - Freedom Band

It's been since 2000 that Delinquent Habits dropped their classic album "Merry Go Round" on Station 13 Records. The heavy hitting 3rd album from the Los Angeles (Lower East Side) hip-hop trio was hands down one of the tightest records put out in the past few years. Now their back again with their fellow up release "Freedom Band". It's the group's fourth and most evolved album yet. They held nothing back on this one. "Banging like a sancho" from beginning to end. The fast passed hard hitting "Straight up" opens operation "Freedom Band" and won't let go till you feel the blast of each track while taking you on a trip through the life and times of a Delinquente. If you like your hip-hop ahead of it's time, laced with some Latin flavor hip-hop that Delinquent Habits help pioneered. Then Delinquent Habits, "Freedom Band" is the album for you. Oh yeah just a side note. If you want to listen to lyrics about 22" rims, champagne and diamonds, this album won't work for you, but if you want to experience a truly kick ass record that slams and touches on issues with substance while still rocking the party, this is the one. Pick it up!!

  • Straight Up
  • Freedom Band
  • Info
  • U Don't Own Me
  • This Right Here
  • Nighttime Play
  • Downtown
  • Everyday
  • 24
  • O.G. Scratch
  • I Can't Forget It
  • Hey Tell'em
  • Take It All Away
  • The Last Song
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