Wicked Minds - Homies

Few rap groups in the Chicano rap industry can match Wicked Minds street hustle. Ever since 1998 when Wicked Minds dropped their debut album "Misunderstood" album, rapper Wreck has been working hard both on the streets and in the recording studio. The hard work on the streets promoting and slaggin' Wicked Minds CDs has paid off with tens of thousands of CD sales and a loyal fan based ready for their next album to drop.

Wreck, now armed with the Wicked Minds Organization rappers compiled a solid compilation titled "Homies" being distributed national by East Side Records. The CD features some of the best home grown talent the barrio streets have to offer with special appearance by Lil' Rob, Lil Blacky, and Nino Brown. On the main anthem titled "Brown Pride" rappers Chino, Cuete, Wreck and Lil' Rob demolished the track about Latinos that don't support Latin Rap. For all the Lil' Rob fans out there this song is a must have, Rob spits a wicked rhyme about being down for the Brown Pride. On the single "Close Your Eyes" Wreck shines on the dope track, Wreck shows his growth as an underground rapper given a radio friendly beat to rap over showing his versatility. Wicked Minds' female rapper Baby Wicked represents from a Latina perceptive on "Soy La Baby Wicked", a song dedicated to all the females out there that want to hear a Latina put it down for the brown. The "Homies" compilation features 18 banging track to cruise in your low ride with your Brown Pride…

  • Pocos Pero Locos Interview
  • Brown Pride Feat. Lil Rob (Cuete, Chino, Wreck)
  • My Baby's (Wreck, Diane Gordon)
  • En Mi Casa (Wreck, Baby Wicked, Cuete)
  • Gangster Life (Chino, Wito)
  • Can't Stop Da Pimpin' (Wreck, Ritchie Rich)
  • Untouchables (Cuete, Chino, Jazmine)
  • A Father's Burden (Wreck)
  • Close Your Eyes (Wreck, Eriq)
  • Story (Les One)
  • Can You Front Me (Cuete, Perro)
  • Heartbreakers Club (Babywicked, Peaches)
  • Criminal Feat. Nino Brown (Wreck, Cuete, Chino, and ALT)
  • D's G's (Cuete, Chino, Lil Blacky, Wreck)
  • Wicked Mentes (Perro, Wreck, Baby Wicked, Les One)
  • Soy La Baby Wicked (Baby Wicked)
  • The Time is Right (Cuete)
  • Nine Plus Nine Thang (Wreck)

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