The Never Ending Battle Compilation

Sometimes, we try to do right and exercise good intentions only to find ourselves standing in chaos- amidst a flurry of hailing tragedies. From one's perspective, it is impossible to understand why clean motives could produce disastrous results (and questioning the divine plan is futile). From this standpoint, the picture does appear to look pessimistic and life could seem unfair.

But equally unexplainable, and just as complicated to comprehend are the good works that are born out of calamity: like the unification of a family unit after the passing of a loved one; or, the rising of a community from the ashes of a burned city. Both are essential to the healing process and solidify the momentum of progress. It is especially inspiring when a stranger encourages the stand you take in the cause you live for.

It is to this spirit that we dedicate this musical compilation, with the belief that the only way to destroy darkness is by spreading light. As the entire universe chooses sides in this holy war, and eternal warriors take positions, our troop of souljers stand firm alongside our compatriots- armed and ready to fight...


five fingers, One fist

1ST BATTLE - Disc 1

      Ment 2 Be - O.T.W.
      L.A. Roots - El Nuevo Xol
      Illuminati - Krazy Race
      Distorted Nights - JDubs
      All For You - 5th Battalion
      The Beginning - 5th Battalion / Los Illegals / El Vuh
      Karmillion - Los Tumbados
      Misrepresented Meditation - Thomas Riley from Taco Shop Poets
      Be The One - Elements of the Outer Realm
      One Second - Groundkeepers
      Marry Maladies - Rhyme Asylum
      Dates of Tragedy - 5th Battalion
      Never Stray - 5th Battalion / El Vuh
      Days in History - Nacimos
      How Long - The Answer
      My Life - Enhanced Vision Project
      Up's and Down's - Browntown Looters
      A Better Place - 2 Grounds Under

2ND BATTLE - Disc 2

      Witness - Ariel Robello
      Up to Us - 5th Battalion / El Vuh / Krazy Race
      Underground - D-Boogie and Guaranteed 1
      People Perfect - Ugly Percent
      Die for Nothing - N'Cognito
      Doom (Remix) - Jupitersciples
      Civil War - La Paz
      Open Mic - El Vuh
      Heart Beat - Global City
      Make You Wonder - N'Cognito
      Tell No One - The Answer
      A Higher State - Hassan
      How Many Times - O.T.W.
      Neta - Santos
      Die Piggies - N'Cognito
      Raindrop - Stricte 9
      Back Into the Light - Robin Garcia
      War - Terminal Madness
      Say You Love - Los Illegals Comedy Click
      Never Ending Battle - 5th Battalion

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