House of Bread Volume 2

A wise man said when you give your life to God it becomes an open book; a living testimony to give God glory, and bear witness of His tender mercies. Hallelujah! Rastafari! The best examples I've seen of this are the hindren of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

One night, a few years back, Paul Simeon gave me the greatest gift of my life. That is to say, the Word of our Lord. The rugged copy of the Bible was a Scoffield study of the King James Version. He handed it to me with that life-saving smile and a message to read it carefully starting from page one (like all books). His wise counsel to me was to concentrate on a daily chapter and build precept upon precept. (Isaiah 28:10, 13) Long live the prophet Gad! I can honestly say, it was the best advice I've ever heeded. The only solution to my problems, was the very ANSWER to my questions. Yeah, man. The Holy Spirit is mysterious; and the power of the Almighty God is awesome.

"Jah is the Rock, the Rock of my salvation."

His Son, my Redeemer, has sacrificed a far greater price for my soul and has cleansed me with His pure blood- nourishing me with His word (which is His flesh). (John 1:14) Holy be thy Name, our Lord-King and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Another blessing I received was from Khafren Zebulun, in the form of a compact disc containing the brethren and sistren giving thanks and praising the Most High. Recorded at Bethlehem Studios, it is an up building collection of modern hymns and psalms giving props where it is due.

The House of Bread definitely has provided me with comfort through hard times. It has given me substance when I was feeling weak. The House of Bread gives me confidence and reinforces my faith in the Lord (through whom all things are made possible!) The House of Bread has given me peace and soothed my agitated spirit. The songs testify of His amazing brilliance that lights up the world. The House of Bread has proven to me that the Lord abides with His people. His presence is evident in them- just watch them perform.

The conclusion of the matter: If you want to experience 100% positive vibrations and good words of encouragement, then listen to this c.d. Let the message envelope you with His love. This kind of c.d. is hard to find, raw hip-hop with the lyrics reflecting the light of our children's eyes, and the wisdom of our forefathers engrained in every drumbeat. This music reassures us all to put our Trust in that Mighty Lion of Judah, the root of Jesse. For the conquering Lion, shall break every chain…

Rasta far I

Gato Naphtali

If you would like to order this c.d. contact or call (213)910-2385. One Love.

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