Kinto Sol - Hecho En Mexico

With the government just releasing their 2000 census report, the data reveals that Latinos are now the largest minority group in the United States. With the rising impact of the Latino influence on the world, the emergence of Spanish Hip-Hop comes to no surprise to those that been supporting the Latino hip-hop movement since day one.

From the early years of Hip-Hop when the first powerhouse rap label Sugar Hill Records released the first Bilingual hip-hop song titled "Disco Dream" in 1981 by The Mean Machine. Latinos emcees have continued the tradition of representing their two tongues in their flows.

One of the leaders of the Spanish language hip-hop movement is Milwaukee's Kinto Sol. Releasing their second all-Spanish hip-hop album titled "Hecho en Mexico." Their unique musical style is not only crossing borders, its also burring musical genres.

Using hip-hop style beats with DJ Payback's distinctive style of production and Djing skills. Kinto Sol's "Hecho en Mexico" captures the sound and lifestyle of Mexicanos from both sides of the border. The titled song "Hecho en Mexico" is an authentic BrownPride anthem made with soul and pride, an instant low riding classic. On the joint "Raza es Raza," Kinto Sol addresses the problem of division, by creating a universal song for all the Raza to bump, whether you're a cholo or compa, you're still Raza! The love song "Si Supieras" is a continuation song from their first album, when love is war battle lines are drawn. These are just a few of the diverse topics reflected in their lyrics.

With three of the members born in Mexico and raised as teenagers in America, Kinto Sol incorporates their childhood memories and American experiences into their music. Bridging the gap from both worlds, Kinto Sol brings the spirit of Mexico with the influence of Brown America into a new bi-cultural hip-hop classic. Made in Mexico!

  • Intro
  • Lo Que Va Pasar Va Llegar
  • Hecho En Mexico
  • El Que Nada Deve
  • Asi Es Como Vivo
  • Mi Jefa (Skit)
  • La Feria Habla
  • Un Compa (Skit)
  • Raza Es Raza
  • De Uno A Uno
  • Levanta La Mano
  • Intermedio
  • Cueste Lo Que Cueste
  • Si Supieras
  • Si Me Haces El Paro
  • No Es Forma De Vivir
  • Como Quieras
  • Solo Son Palabras
  • Teghuacan Por Las Narices
  • Soy Yo

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