Burning Star

We come bearing the great news that the Burning Star has released its album to the public and is coming soon to a city near you. Bringing light to the World in these dark times, Burning Star is the hope of a brand new morning- comforting with its warm, soothing glow and shining with a brilliant message of Truth. It is living proof that the universe is in Divine order and unaffected by the whims of men. There could be only One source of this good energy; One generator of these positive vibrations. (pause)

Burning Star is like the fire of The Creator made manifest; a symbol of the Almighty's Love for us... to not leave us alone, in utter darkness, in this cold world.

When the elements came together, we rejoiced in celebrating this spiritual victory at a downtown club... officially announcing the album's completion and availability with a record release party.  As for the overzealous security guard that confiscated my trees at the door: you know you were wrong, bro. If you weren't so narrow-minded, I would have happily smoked 'em with you. Or haven't you heard by now..?

Burning Star's burning down Babylon!

Wake up!

A new day is reborn and reformed for every man and woman scorned and every child torn. Through struggles they muffle out the sounds of our troubles, turning God into devil, killing soft from every angle. Then they strangle the voices speaking up loud for the people. Ain't no sequel just a warped cycle of life facing evil. With money, sex, lies, televised homocide, suicide and genocide. Realize, that God is watching every move you make, don't break! Keep on living for Heaven's Sake. Have Faith and there's reward at the end of our lesson. We were chosen from many and we were sent with a message... It goes: No! Don't give up living, that's just what they want. You got to be strong; You got to hold on.

Don't sell your soul for gold, 'cause you'll reap just what you sow.

It is a fool that's thinking that his soul has a price. It is the same fool who's thinking Jah's blessings won't suffice. Him would toil over land and oil- for iniquities wicked plight. Who in the Truth lies, he will despise (for they will shine light on his flight from right). To compare one's soul to residual is a lifeless test indeed, but when the test has left me just one breath: I'll use it to scream, "Jah speed!"

Now you see what I'm talking about? The Burning Star travels through hell turning slaves into kings... urging us to revolutionize! Revolutionize!

time to rise up people,


  • Intro
  • Creations
  • Warriors
  • On My Own
  • Travelin'
  • Full Control
  • Victory
  • Elementary
  • Breathe
  • No
  • Velas
  • Intro (Lanto del Cielo)
  • Lost Souls
  • In the Distance
  • Maze of Man
  • Warriors/ Will.I.Am Dub Remix

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