El Nuevo Xol - Can't Stop The Xun

8:45 p.m.: Upon arriving to the rendezvous destination, I walked briskly over to a pay- phone and made contact. El Tony Unico answered the other end of the line and confirmed our meeting for nine o’clock. After setting the intersection of Washington and Grand as the coordinates for my pick up (and a brief vehicle description), he assured me that the information I wanted was in his possession. In a few moments, if all went according to plan, the valuable material would be passed into my hands. All praise be to Jah, for good timing and universal harmony!

8:55 p.m.: As I stared at the southern-end of the downtown buildings, I thought back to the last time I saw El Nuevo Xol rock-a-show: Aztlanfest 2001. It took place a couple of blocks from here on Olympic and Grand. I remembered viewing the lit metropolis from the same angle fifteen months ago. Somehow, even then, the massive man-made structures of steel beams seemed humbled by the Xol’s natural, glowing light.

9:00 p.m.: Mr. Unico pulled up and paused just long enough qualify a California stop. After we exchanged greetings and salutations, he placed the envelopes containing the priceless data on my lap. Unable to control my enthusiasm any longer, I anxiously opened a package and peered into its contents. And there, between the printed visuals and text, lie the sound of the future. The very song of the ghettos and the hope for our streets was digitally recorded into audio files; then, encoded onto discs. This new-age warfare is amazing! I let out a sigh of relief and reclined in my seat as Tony cruised around the Trade-Tech campus. Finally, my mission objective was accomplished and a year of anticipation came to an end when he pressed play…

‘Cause it’s do or die- time for the big payback. The point of no return. No retreat, no surrender. Decision is everything and fortitude is a must. E.N.X. lets loose from the gate- without hesitation and outta control. Sound waves fill the air with goodness like sweet-smelling doja smoke as soon as they step in through the door. Illuminated by their pure vibe; there’s no stopping the Xun’s shine.

Even amid the dangerous environment of frustrated poverty, El Nuevo Xol looks up to the sky and prays to the Holy God for them lives to be saved (the only real protection from a system that pits brother against brother for material gain; stealing and killing each other in the name of the almighty “dollar”). After carefully evaluating the situation, the only obvious result of capitalism is the birth of a generation without a conscience- disconnected from natural roots, and warped into thinking physical objects can bring happiness. While the rich folk live in a false sense of security, secluded in the hills far from the treachery of the city streets, it is only a matter of time before the ghetto ills reach their door. This harsh reality even hit home at the White House, when Governor Bush’s daughter turned out to be a dope fiend.

Just take notice of the mentality on the streets nowadays. Despair leads to taking risks. Taking risks leads to filled graves and jail cells, but punitive consequences mean nothing to a people who feel they have nothing to lose. So life in the varrio becomes a game of chance- with the odds stacked terribly against us. Gambling to survive among cutthroat competition and avoiding an insatiable prison-system has misled many to rely on luck; another false hope to put our trust in. The truth is, peace can only be attained by the unification of all oppressed people as a global family and building faith in a living Creator that executes justice. Believe that, the meek shall inherit the Earth. There will be singing and dancing (from Latin America to L.A. city) as our gente celebrates the divine rescue of the afflicted ones. The Grim Reaper, harvester of lost souls, penetrates straight through the enemies Deceit and Saheed slays their tradition of genocide by using the latest, state-of-the-art, liquid steel weaponry: the real. Who will be the one to beat me, try to cheat me and bleed me. The cold thing is, sometimes, the very people that are paid to protect and serve our communities are terrorizing them. El D.J. Camuflage leads us to the root of the problem by forcing us to ask one question, Why? What is the reason for all this aggression and hatred? Could it be that the wicked ruler of this world has distorted the righteous concept of love with jealousy, greed and lust? It’s most evident in false prophets’ lyrics glorifying the murder of each other and maltreatment of women. These messages have been embedded in the minds of our children for years by the media and have succeeded in corrupting the public.

But all hope is not lost, like a graceful Pantera from the jungle, the sweet voice of our Mother screams for change- God Bless the Revolution! So be strong and of good courage, and “don’t be afraid, we came to chant/chase the Babylon down”. We’re not going to pretend we’re scared, and we’re not going to run away.

El Rebelde de Nicaragua has stood up to tell the story of the unknown soldier slain in the mountains fighting for freedom against the neo-liberal imperialists. P.R.’s song reads of a hip-hop corrido documenting the plight of the underdog against the world powers. How’s that for Nuevo siglo stylo? The top Spanish emcee has attacked the hypocrisy of the establishment with rapid-fire precision, shining even in this city of champions (fLoss Angeles, bay-be). Alongside Los Tumbados, the kings of the selva have learned to be one with nature. In touch with the mighty life force that balances the land and ocean- as well as the beasts of the earth and fowls of the air, from time indefinite to time indefinite. Amen.

Once the inhabitants of the earth catch up to the Nuevo rhythm of the times, and fall into step like one nation- the children of the Xun will rejoice with dancing and sing praises to our Redeemer. In the mean time, keep alert! Watch what you play, and stay aware. Don’t throw your life away, wandering aimlessly in no direction. Keep focus and remember these aren’t battles of the flesh, but of the spirit. Yea, the enemy will try to blur our vision and make us forget the Law with poisonous substances ( for example: Budweiser, Miller, Tecate, Corona- you get the picture). How many times have you seen disaster strike where people are sipping on that turpentine? There’s a reason why the Native Americans called it “fire water”.

9:15 p.m.: …Before Tony Unico dropped me off, he explained how he sometimes hears the songs in his dreams, before he writes them. That’s understandable. Since biblical days, the prophets received mystical guidance through dreams. It felt good to hear someone blessed with so much raw talent giving props to the Most High for the inspiration. It reinforced my belief that we are not alone, we have a Comforter and a Savior. It’s all about aligning ourselves with that positive energy that our ancestors knew about, and our forefathers worshipped. El DJ Camuflage says it best, “El amor cura todo”. The key lies in understanding our Heavenly Father’s wholesome form of love. Then, and only then, can we truly love ourselves- and begin to love each other. That’s the power of The New Xun. One God. One people. One love - Gato

Although this information is not scheduled to be released until the end of September, we are taking pre-orders to insure the interested parties are reserved advance copies. Please contact Gato Suertudo with any questions.

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