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During times when radio and music television shows neglect the Latin Hip-Hop Community, and “Major Labels” overlook the true talents of the underground, Drastic Measures are taken by those shunned the most, to insure their place in this game.

Cesar Chavez once said, "We are organizers at heart. Most of us in the movement take great pride in being able to put things together." Organizers Cesar Avalos and IMC Records should be immensely delighted in putting together a compilation of some of the best hardcore dissenters, those who disagree with the established majority.

Drastic Measures’ jacket art is visually eerie: a possible precursor to things to come in our society. It serves as a window, letting those too afraid to leave the house a glimpse of a civilization gone mad. Who does society turn to in times of despair, but to those who lead and rule, those who feed the citizens what they want to hear to feel safe. They turn to those in power: the royalty.

The Kings and Queens of modern music times are the label executives. This musical hierarchy dictates what the blue-collar, working class hip-hop heads should listen to, but to quote Cesar Chavez once more, "It takes a lot of punishment to be able to do anything to change the social order."

By hustling and struggling their way through the red tape madness, the organizers pulled all their resources to produce an impressive list of Emcees on this compilation that will begin to bring change within the political structure. Warning the masses to keep their Eyes Wide Open, Rhyme Poetic Mafia continues their ascend onto the upper echelons of the hip-hop ladder. The thumping beats, the hard strong flow, the effective hook. Puzzling how this group has remained largely unnoticed by even the so-called “hip-hop” experts. The public is in for a later surprise; Rhyme Poetic Mafia gives US a musical gift.

In times of gloom, deep in the shadows, lies the Dyablo, a Spanish-lyrically brilliant track. El Dyablo and Mr. Shadow demonstrate the ability that shows the “chain of command” their complex flow, that would even have the non-bilingual crowd re-playing the song. El Dyablo definitely brought out the troops, this time a Knight Owl and a Villain that goes by Slush in El Fin. Still, El Dyablo makes another appearance on No G’s Like Us with Clown and Boogie Man. There is no way to keep this Dyablo bottled up in the underworld if he continues this vicious and devastating production onslaught.

While the court jesters perform on the majority of other compilations, two rebellious knights charge straight ahead with Malos Pasos. Phase Loko and Conejo will force the crowds from out the houses and into the streets. Having a Bandit producing the track, this trio is definitely a good sign on where hip-hop is headed. Phase Loko, also part of the band Los Tumbados, is gaining a strong following with his unique delivery in two languages. To prove he is the real deal, Phase Loko’s Rumor En El Aire is a downright gem; those in power will be seeking to steal this priceless jewel.

Providing magic in a time when people have lost faith in the system, VooDoo Click waves the wand with Why Not. Unfortunately the spell wears off in their next track It’s Off and On. The lyrics are there, but the beat falls short.

Help against the monarchs comes from a foreign land: Spain’s 7 Notas 7 Colores Con Esos Ojitos. Along with El Nuevo Xol’s D.O.B., these two tracks are well worth listening to.

Rounding out the disc, are three tracks from Abstract Nature, two from Inalok, two from Eternal Soul and one from Young Get Ricch. Diverse tracks that show glimpses of their talents, but definitely not on the same musical level as some of the other artists on this album. Time will tell if these up and coming soldiers have what it takes to carry the torch in this hip-hop rebellion.

Like all underground movements, there are always obstacles that get in the way of the music. For Drastic Measures, it’s the annoying “Virtual Studio” when the disc is played on a computer.

But the royal family will definitely notice when their loyal supports start sending their $13.00 to the Drastic Measures Organizers instead of the funds that typically go to them. And with 20 tracks, Drastic Measures is definitely a bargain, displaying some tremendous talent.

To end with another quote from Cesar Chavez, "The thing that we have going for us is that people are willing to sacrifice themselves." and the organizers and artists of this CD have done just that; they sacrificed their time to produce their creativity that will change the perceived image of the Latin Hip-Hop community. The fight to end this musical monarchy begins.

Written by Richard Montes

Drastic Measure Track List:
  1. Intro Feat: 7th Sign
  2. Eyes Wide Open Rhyme Poetic Mafia
  3. Dyablo El Dyablo Feat: Mr. Shadow
  4. Break Eternal Soul
  5. We Don’t Care Abstract Nature Feat: Nikoy
  6. Aroma Inalok
  7. D.O.B. El Nuevo Xol Feat: D-Moe
  8. Why Not VooDoo Click Feat: C-Blunt
  9. Ride Eternal Soul Feat: C-Blunt
  10. Rumor En El Aire Phase Loko of Los Tumbados
  11. Con Esos Ojitos 7 Notas 7 Colores
  12. El Fin El Dyablo Feat: Knight Owl and Slush “The Villain”
  13. Us Rhyme Poetic Mafia
  14. Make Moves Abstract Nature
  15. No G’s Like Us El Dyablo Feat: Clown and Boogie Man
  16. Tight as F&^% Abstract Nature
  17. Malos Pasos Phase Loko of Los Tumbados and Conejo
  18. HaHo Young Get Ricch
  19. It’s Off and On G Dub L-E of VooDoo Click
  20. Cyclone Inalok

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