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A word of caution to those who dislike gangster rap, don't read on! If you are a gangster rap fanatic, then welcome! This gangster compilation, Chicano gangster compilation, to be more exact, is a collection of some well known artist along with some new names to the Chicano Rap game.

An aspect of Chicano rap that has been well debated time after time is the use of oldies or old school samples. This compilation consists of a few well known samples, however, it does NOT abuse their use. Amongst my favorite sample is The "Misadventures of Frank V." were Frank V. flips a classic Beastie Boys classic "Paul Revere" and gives it a West Coast gangster twist, Proper Dos style.

The highlights of the album are the first and final tracks of the cd. "I Ain't Trippin" has got to be the best Proper Dos song in years! Frank V. tears it up with a tight beat produced by, if I'm not mistaken, by producer called Juice. Frank V shines on this CD, killing it on tracks "Now Lets Ride" and "Stuck for Life". If Frank V. can accomplish this kind of quality, then the next Proper Dos album should be one of the best Chicano rap albums ever released. The other tight track is called "Sleepwalk" and it is a collaboration between some new names to most of the gangster rap fanatics The Voodoo Click and Los Tumbados. This track also consists of some tight production and some tripped out psychotic lyrics. These two tracks are some must hear original rolas, and the entire cd is worth it's money just with these two songs alone.

In between these two blazing tracks, the compilation fluctuates from decent to extremely good tracks. The compilation contains some well-known veterans such as Wicked Minds, Lawless,The Dukes Click,Mister D, Capone-E, and Lethal Assassins Clique (LAC). The bottom line is that this is a solid gangster compilation that no gangster fanatic should be without. I'm sure this is only a glimpse of what is to come from Frank V's power moves in the industry,and from the Chicano gangster rap movement altogether. Look for the cholo, with the earphones!!!

  • Intro
  • I Ain't Trippin' - Frank V.
  • Its In The Blood - Lawless
  • Now Lets Ride - Southland Gangster Click
  • Gangster Boogie - Lethal Assassins Clique (LAc)
  • Stuck for Life - Capone-E and Frank V.
  • Gangster Shit - Payaso (The Dukes Click)
  • The Misadventures of Frank V. - Proper Dos and Ace
  • Money, Bitch's, Weed - Point Blank
  • Pockets Full of Quarters - Wicked Minds feat. Lil Sicko
  • Show Love - The Cellys feat. MC Magic
  • Bitches and Doe - MC Kryptonite
  • 818 'til I Die - Mister D
  • Ghetto Fame - Bonks
  • Thats Gangster - Point Blank
  • In The City - Weasel
  • Sleepwalk - Los Tumbados and Voodoo Click

Written by:Tolteka

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