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They say the City of Angels is the land of dreams. So Dreamers flock from around the world to settle in the big city for their chance to become rich and famous. Attracted by the glitz and glitter, the masses don’t realize that this city is just like a Hollywood set; it's all a facade. It's a city where the images are based on fantasies rather than reality. Behind the bright lights of the city, in the darkest shadows, you'll find the real soul of the city and the artists that bring it to life.

In Nahualt, the Mexica (Aztecs) had a word for "movement" called "Ollin". The influence of this word, with its many different meanings and symbols, helped shaped other Mesoamerica cultures. Reminiscent of the term “Ollin” the Los Angeles Latin hip-hop scene is also a movement that is growing and influencing other cultures. When I first ventured on this “The Ollin Project” journey, I wanted to document the experience the best I could, to show the rest of the world the movement has begun.

Since 1997, I've witnessed this musical underground movement blossom and flourish amidst the oppressive streets of Los Angeles. Like kindred souls, the Artists use music as their outlet to express and release their emotions. These Artists are the poets and scribes of our time, capturing the spirit through the use of beats and rhymes, and forever documenting our role in society. For those who are blind to the strife, pain, and frustration of growing up in the barrios, the Artists depict their lifestyle and give voice to those that have been silenced. The sad fact is that only a chosen few get to hear their screams of reality. So, I sought out the artists that best create images with their lyrics, those who speak with resonance, purpose, and substance.

Peruse this website, read their stories, examine the lyrics, gaze through the photographs, experience the music and images of our time. This underground music is the pulse of the streets. This underground music sustains the energy that is needed to continue the struggle within society and within our selves!

Executive Producer,
Sal Rojas

  • Deadlines - Street Platoon feat.Jacken of Psycho Realm
  • Bean War - Voodoo Click
  • Rules of Engagement - ILL-FAME
  • Dedicated - Krazy Race
  • Lyrical Drive-by - Aztlan Underground
  • Sick Side Uniforms - The Psycho Realm
  • Purple Heart - O.T.W.
  • Step N2 The Sun - Blunts LLA
  • Violent By Nature - Rhyme Poetic Mafia
  • Narcotics - Conejo and Tattoo Ink
  • Street Fighter - Lethal Assassins Clique
  • U$ - Los Tumbados
  • Tha Strong Survive - Brown Town Looters
  • Lyrical Hijack - Crimewave,Voodoo Click,Los Tumbados,Lefty & Ese Happy
  • Underground Resistance - Rhyme Asylum

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