Click Tha Supah-Latin - Square Won

There was a time when skills and respect were more important to an Artist than record sales. Before the time of Studio MCs’, no one gave you respect, you earned it. This was the time when freestyling proved if you were a dope Mc and beatboxing was just as important as dj’ing. And like a true Renaissance man of hip-hop, Click tha Supah Latin is back with “Square Won” his latest album released through Underload Records. As Click puts it "Technology can't change the true essence of what's real, and beat-boxing is an authentic representation of hip-hop.” For those that don’t know, beat-boxing is the art of making beats and reproducing sound and samples with one’s mouth. Click Tha Supah Latin is known around the globe for his phenomenal beat-boxing skills. A skill he has been showcasing since 1984 when he was a kid. Eventually, Click’s skills would earn him recognition throughout the underground scene of hip-hop, from coast to coast. By paying dues, Click went on to work with some of the top stars in hip-hop including LL Cool J (on the recent LP, “G.O.A.T.”), TQ’s hit single “Daily”, and Styles of Beyond’s critically acclaimed record “2000 Fold”.

But, Click is pretty much slept on by the Latino Hip-Hop community. “Square Won” is sure to give him the recognition that’s long over due.

On “Square Won” Click went back to his b-boy roots, when hip-hop was about the love of the culture and music. The entire album was produced, arranged and mixed by Click. Click’s new CD presents a glimpse of the future of hip-hop by studying the essence of hip-hops’ past. Hip-hop music is created for the enjoyment and satisfaction it brings the soul. On “Square Won” it shows when he incorporates his family in the album. Listening to their freestyle session, you can’t help but smile and laugh as Click’s three children and wife get a chance to shine on the mic. His family members aren’t the only guests to make the cut.

The CD also features Jurassic 5 on the track “Lunchtime”, underground rap goddess Medusa on “Sandstorm”, New York’s beat box machine D.O.A on “My Man D.O.A”, Monte Loco and Brown Huero (from Brown Town Looters) on “Back to Back”, and introduces new MC’s like Reignman and Derek Strong (L.K.). Click says, “It took a while to put this record together, but that’s because I didn’t want to leave room for doubt. It’s definitely my best work ever.” This album is definitely his best effort, but the album might not be for everybody though. It’s specifically design for the hip-hop purist, those who grew up listening to Dougie Fresh and Biz Markie, and respect what they brought to the hip-hop world. By taking hip-hop back to square one, Click’s “Square Won” is a polished and enjoyable 2001 version of how hip-hop used to be.

co-written by Sal Rojas and Richard Montes

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