Frontline Officials

There's a War going on in the streets. The list of ghetto casualties grows daily and includes men, women and even children. Although it has been going on for 5oo years, the intensity is reaching epidemic proportions: creating a surreal climate of territorial Occupation. Urban concentration Kamps. From this environment of hostility, hail the Frontline Officials. Based in Los Angeles' lower east side- Grizzly Gambino and Ziggy Colion represent for soul rebels everywhere.

Like true audio renegades they put the sounds of battle to music; bringing you into their world of violence without mercy. "Run for your gun". Street-hardened and combat-experienced, Frontline Officials sound an alarm to all those new age gangsters: who have stopped tribal warfare and have refocused on the real enemy. Como dijo el homie Duke de Psycho Realm,"...the most maniac tacked-back locos seeking that War path!"

I know there will be people who won't like this (probably the same people that applaud California's Three Strikes Law), because incarceration is big busine$$. For everyone shaking their heads right now, they send this message:

"Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me,
Frontline Officials officially dis you
crews, spectators, critics
who can't stand a real soldier with lyrics."
Old-school gangster tactics are put to better use speaking the Truth 'til it hurts- or at least until the earth transforms to the Redsky. Mob life experiences result from a natural instinct called ghetto survival... we just bounce to the beat of the streets, que no? Paper chasin' is an everyday thing in these parts, and just keeping pace with this fastlane leads to sinful hustles. Even if we do fall off, true players make the greatest comebacks... mandatory.

On another tip, there's some smooth beats to just groove to; "Treat Yourself Don't Cheat Yearself" is one them. It's for the ladies who are missing out on some of that thug passion. My favorite is Stay High. I think this one is going to have everyone from Cali to Cochabamba, Bolivia twisting one up and elevating.

With 18 tracks on this cd, we get a good dose of their stylo. This, at a time when many groups are dropping a dozen or so songs. But, let me make myself clear: this album isn't for everybody. It's for the hardcore ghetto militants (not recommended for the weak of heart, nor the timid of soul). War is War afterall... and these are the Frontline Officials.

Written by Gato Suertudo

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