Conejo - Fallen Angel

 After releasing his debut album “City of Angels”, Conejo is back with his sophomore follow up “Fallen Angel”.  The “City of Angels” was titled after the city Conejo was born and raised in. Fallen Angel reflects more of the internal conflicts we all go through in life.

As a lyricist, Conejo’s rhymes paint violent street tales that take us into his world, his “Planet Los Angeles”. While most artists suffer from the sophomore jinx, where the second album is not as good as the first.  “Fallen Angel” is a more balanced album than “City of Angels” by having more variety in production and lyrics. Conejo introduces us to his new crew Tattoo Ink (Bugsy and Venom) on tracks “Back the F#$@ Down” and “Tonite We Go To War”. Tattoo Ink is getting ready to make some noise. Be on the lookout for their album to drop in the near future. The track titled “Conejo and Capone” features the Original Capone of Latino Jam. Conejo and Capone have developed a great chemistry and it comes through on their track, their vocal tones and rapping style compliment one another. I hope more collaborations of this caliber are planned for future projects. The production on this album has something for everybody from old school beats like “Last Night” based on “Flashlight” by George Clinton to some gloomy piano laced hip-hop beats like “I’m a Close This Chapter” produced by Ernie G (former Proper Dos member).

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